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Do you have a legal dispute and need the services of an independent mediator? I am available to mediate all legal disputes. I have previously served as a court approved economic mediation in divorce cases through the NJ courts. I was also one of the first attorneys approved to mediate cases where the parties have a Domestic Violence Final Restraining Order.

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution, whereby you and the other party can take control of the resolution of your dispute.  You may be ordered to participate in mandatory mediation as part of your legal dispute anyway. I can mediate prior to anyone even filing with the courts. Mediation is a non-binding process. The best part is that you can basically agree to almost whatever you want.

As a mediator, I do not offer legal advice, but rather I will work with you to find a solution that works for both of you.  You can mediate with or without your attorney.

As part of my services, I will draft the terms of the agreement and you can take them to your attorney for review.

Both you and the other person should attend this consult. Mediation services are offered for any and all legal disputes, including family law matters. Keep it out of the courts and keep control of the time (and money) it takes to resolve your case. If you require longer than a 1 hour session please email me and I will send you a separate link for payment.

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